Copper Based Master Alloys

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  • Copper Based Master Alloys

    CuP、CuMg master alloy


    Coiled RodCut RodWaffle IngotButtonCast cut barCompacts

    Form and Packaging:

    Coiled Rod:The standard 9.5mm diameter coiled rod products can not only satisfy user’s requirements for automatically online feeding, but also for adding flexibly.

    Cut Rod:The standard 9.5mm diameter Cut Rod products can meet user’s demand for accurate addition.

    Waffle Ingot:Waffle ingot is a popular form worldwide, which is convenient for both transportation and adding in production by customer.

    Button/Cast cut bar/Compacts:Vary from 100g, 200g, 300g, 500g cast cut bar, button and compacts could meet user’s various demands, which is more convenient and flexible in use.

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