Cerium oxide

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    Product Usage

    Product Application:

    1. The effect of rare earth polishing
    2. Glass bleaching, coloring glass, rare earth clarifying agent, all contain iron oxide in the glass, it can pass into the glass
    raw materials, sand, limestone and glass cullet ingredients in its existing form, there are two: one is to make color becomes dark blue glass divalent iron, another glass color turns yellow ferric, bleaching is the oxidation offerrous iron to ferric iron as ferric tone intensity only divalent iron ten one minute. Then add complementary coloragent, the colors and light green. REE is mainly used for glass discolored cerium oxide and neodymium oxide. RE glassbleaching agent to replace the traditional use of arsenic trioxide bleaching agents, not only improve efficiency, butalso to avoid the contamination of arsenic trioxide. Cerium oxide for glass decolorization with stable temperature performance, low cost, and does not absorb visible light and so on. Instead of the traditional use of cerium oxide as aglass of arsenic trioxide to clarify, clear colored bubbles and trace elements in the preparation of colorless glasseffect is remarkable, refined grain white fluorescent, transparency, increase glass strength and heat resistance. It alsoeliminates the arsenic pollution of the environment and the glass.

    • Product Application:

    • 3.Add in the daily glass of cerium oxide, such as construction and automotive glass, crystal glass, can reduce the UVtransmittance,
      the purpose is to promote the use in Japan and the United States. With the improvement in our quality of life, there will be a
      better market. Neodymium oxide added funnels, you can eliminate the dispersion of the red light, increasing the clarity. Adding
      rare specialty glass are: lanthanum glass with high refraction and low dispersion characteristics, widely used in the manufacture
      of various lenses and advanced camera, camera lens, especially aerialphotography lens device; cerium radiation glass for
      automotive glass and TV bulb; neodymium glass laser material used, isthe best giant laser materials, mainly for controlled nuclear
      fusion device.
        4. Fine ceramics; ceramics can be added to lower the sintering temperature, crystal growth inhibition, increase the density of
        5. Alloy Plating: adding zinc-nickel, zinc, cobalt and zinc alloy of zinc in the crystallization process of changing thepower,
        prompting the crystal surface to produce a preferred orientation, more uniform coating microstructure, morecompact, thereby
        improving corrosion resistance

    Packaging Details:
    20KG/50KG net weight for each plastic bag inside and 1000kg/800kg/600kg in Plastic Woven Bags outside,

    or according to customer requirements.
    Port: ShangHai,Port

    Company Introduction

    Founded in 2003, Lanzhou Sunrising Ferroalloy Co.,Ltd, with a registered capital of 20.5 million RMB, is a company that integrates industry and trade and offers ferroalloy products to steel plants and foundries around the world. We have been granted the right to self-manage import and export as well as export license issued by Ministry of Commerce. Since its founding, our company has prospered with quality products and services, thus establishing credibility. In 2018, we were awarded the title of Backbone Enterprise of Foreign Trade of Gansu Province and Reliable Exporter of Ferroalloy Products for the Year 2017 and 2018.

    Over the years, our company, upholding the idea of “quality is lifeline, service is priority, quality and reliable products are
    the cornerstone” with an ambition to become the biggest exporter in the industry in Gansu, have been devoted to improving staff competency, optimizing internal management, and upgrading comprehensive strength. As a result, we have established a stable and friendly partnership with customers home and abroad.

    Our company specializes in a range of products including inoculants, nodulizers, carbon raiser, nitride ferroalloy and minor

    metals that are exported to over fifty countries and regions across six continents. We have earned enormous trust among domestic and international customers and sincerely welcome business visits, negotiations and cooperation.

    Our Services & Strength

    1. Quality guarantee: testing before payment and delivery is available;
    2. Supply calcined petroleum coke/graphite petroleum coke on time.
    3. Continuously improve producing craft, reduce producing goods cost.


    1,We do ferroalloys since 1992
    2,Our company since 2003
    3,We are in Lanzou city,Gansu province
    4,There are so many minerals in North-West part of China
    5,The electricity charges in North-West part of China in much lower than the other districts
    6,Our loading port: Tianjin,Dalian,Qingdao,Shanghai,Sehnzhen,Huangpu
    7,Our shipment: wihtin 30 days agains the order
    8,Our payment term: by TT,30% against the order,70% against the BL copy
    9,Inspection: Mill certificate

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