Copper Zirconium Alloy Powder (Zr-Cu)

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    Zirconium copper alloy

    Zirconium - copper alloy is the best choice material for circuit contact because of its 

    good conductivity and thermal conductivity. If the switch contact disconnects the circuit, 

    the resulting arc puts a considerable load on the material, which is what high-temperature 

    chromium does. Chromium can improve the arc ablative resistance of the material, and 

    has good fusion resistance, and can prevent the bonding of the soft copper during 

    fusion welding. Chromium also has a high oxygen philicity, can absorb the oxygen 

    released during the breaking process.

    Zirconium copper alloy is not only used for small signal transistor or power transistor 

    discrete packaging, but also for IC with excellent performance, for various types of lead 

    frame, high-power switches, relays and other electronic components. CuZr alloy has 

    high heat resistance and softening resistance by adding Zr to high purity copper without 

    oxygen. Therefore, it has attracted much attention as a non-electroplated lead frame 

    material by taking advantage of the superior performance of copper without oxygen.

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