Zirconium Aluminum Alloy (Zr-Al)

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    Zr:80%min Al:balance

    General term for preparations or devices that effectively absorb certain gas molecules, 

    used to obtain or maintain a vacuum, and to purify gases.
    Chinese name: zirconium aluminum alloy powder, zirconium aluminum 16 getter
    Don't call it: A degassing agent
    Usage: Used to obtain and maintain a vacuum, etc
    Should be used: electrical vacuum device production and other disciplines mechanical engineering
    Application field
    The main role

    Zirconium aluminum alloy powder is widely used in vacuum electronic devices, which 

    creates a good working environment for the devices, stabilizes the characteristic parameters 

    of the devices, and has an important influence on the performance and service life of the devices:
    (1) In a short time to improve the vacuum device vacuum degree (dappa above), in the 

    device after the exhaust sealing off and aging process to eliminate residual and re-released 

    gas, is conducive to shorten the exhaust time;
    (2) Maintain a certain vacuum degree during the storage and operation of the device;
    (3) Absorption device in the start and abnormal work of the sudden bleed, effectively 

    protect the cathode and other sensitive elements.

    Non-evapotranspiration getter
    Zirconium - aluminum alloy powder is a non - evapotranspiration type getter made of 

    inspiratory materials with high evaporation temperature. This getter does not require 

    evapotranspiration, but must be activated before it has inspiratory properties. Activation 

    means that the getter is properly heated so that it has a strong inspiratory capacity. 

    During activation, the gas emitted by the getter is either evacuated by a vacuum pump 

    or sucked away by the evapotranspiration getter. The activated non-evapotranspiration 

    getter can be aspirated in large quantities at operating temperatures. The non-evapotranspiration 

    getter absorbs the tube gas in the form of surface absorption of the gas and diffusion of the gas 

    into the getter.
    Non-evapotranspiration getter commonly used getter materials are: titanium, zirconium, tantalum, 

    thorium and so on, zirconium as the main getter used most. Such as zirconium aluminum 16 getter and so on.
    Application field
    Zirconium aluminum alloy powder technology is economical, simple, effective and durable for 

    obtaining a good vacuum atmosphere inside the tube. It plays an important role in the development 

    and production of electrical vacuum devices with long life, high reliability and excellent performance. 

    It is not only widely used in vacuum electronic devices, such as reception amplifier, power tubes, 

    black and white or color TV picture tube, oscilloscope tube, camera tube, traveling wave tubes, 

    fluorescent lamp and high-pressure discharge lamp, etc., but also the application of light cathode 

    manufacturing, nuclear reactors, controlled nuclear fusion device, gas laser, rare gas purification, 

    high vacuum, etc.

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