Ferro Zirconium Alloy (Fe-Zr)

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    Zr:60+/-2    ;     80+/-2






    Zirconium iron alloy
    Zirconium iron is an iron alloy composed of zirconium and iron, silicon, aluminum and 

    other elements. The zirconium iron used in steelmaking is zirconium ferrosilicon, 

    containing Zr15% ~ 45%, Si30% ~ 65%. The product produced by aluminothermic 

    method is called zirconium iron because it contains aluminum, containing Zr>15%.
    Zirconium and iron formed a stable compound FeZr2(45.1% ZR) with a melting point 

    of 1650℃. At 16%Zr, eutectic melting point is 1330℃. The eutectic melting point is 

    about 940℃ at 84%Zr.
    As deoxidizer and alloy additive, zirconium iron is used in special high temperature 

    alloy, low alloy high strength steel, ultra high strength steel and cast iron, and then 

    used in atomic technology, aviation manufacturing, radio technology and so on.

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